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Gyrocopter ss

An Engineer standing in front of a Gyrocopter.

Gyrocopters are small flying machines that were invented by the Dwarf Engineers Guild, who developed the lightweight steam engines and rotor blades which allowed them to master heavier-than-air flight. Gyrocopters can take off and land vertically, which makes them invaluable as a means of resupplying the near-inaccessible mountain strongholds of the Dwarfs when they are under seige. Gyrocopters enable strongholds to keep in contact by flying directly over the difficult mountain passes which may be infested with enemies. Supplies and messages can be dropped from a Gyrocopter directly onto a beleaguered Dwarf settlement, enabling them to hold out for longer and send word for help. In battle, Gyrocopters provide Dwarf armies with the speed and ability to strike anywhere that they lack since they do not use mounted troops. Gyrocopter pilots are skilled at taking off and landing in the most inaccessible terrain, as they spend most of their time flying between the high peaks of the World's Edge Mountains.

In the Age of Reckoning, as part of their contribution to the war effort, the Dwarfs have established a network of Gyrocopter landing pads to quickly transport troops from place to place. These will be available to members of the Order of the Griffon and the Shining Guard as well as the Oathbearers, allowing them to travel from place to place at their convenience.

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