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There are lot of questions about how to find Gurrvek Shorthorns. I looked for him on many occasions. I am not a hundred percent sure of why he was there this last time but this last time when I got to the Deathmire Forest there were no regular (non champion) Gor, Ungor or Bestigor around. There were the standard champion Grisly Ragers and a Chaos Spawn at 42k,47k (level 25 champion) that I had never seen before. Sorry I did not write down the name. After having it despawn in the middle of killing it I had to leave the house. During this time the large spikes with skulls on them were clickable but not later. I do not know how to trigger these affects. Before I left I noticed that the regular Beastmen had spawned again. Four hours later when I got home Gurrvek was up. - Wormy

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