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Gunndred is the God of Rustlers and Blackmail. He stands for taking what you want by force and fear, leaving frightened victims behind. His cult is rather localised, but seems to be spreading. He is generally portrayed as a large, brutal man wearing travel clothes, but some worshippers depict him as an extremely fat man dressed in rich clothes and covered with jewellery, with at least half a dozen thugs standing behind him.

Area of WorshipEdit

Gunndred's largest cult is located in the Border Princes. He is also worshipped by the more brutal criminal organization within the Empire. He is also quite popular in Tilea, near the Vaults, where he is known by a different name.


Gunndred's primary symbol is the lasso, which looks suspiciously similar to a noose. He is also symbolised by the cosh or a set of brass knuckles.


  • Be feared, not loved.
  • Live by what you have taken from others.
  • Leave no victim unmarked.
  • Leave survivors to spread the fear of your name.


- Many Old Worlders connect Gunndred with Ranald, seeing him just as another aspect of the Trickster God. Both cults strongly disagree with that, each for their own reasons.

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