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The following article is a guide, written to express the opinion(s) of the author(s). As such, it should be followed with an informative, though not definitive approach.

This guide have just been started, feel free to use what is in here so far, but more will come.
Quick info
Career name: Zealot
Army: The Raven Host army of Chaos
Archetype: Support
Armor type: Robe
Abilities: Zealot Abilities
Specialities: Healing, damaging, buffing and debuffing
Weapon types: Daggers and Charms
Primary stats: Willpower (healing) and Intelligence (damaging)
Secondary stats: Toughness (survival), Wounds (survival), resistances (survival) and Initiative(survival)
Stats of less use: Weapon Skill (although the Zealot can fight with melee, the damage is so low so there is no use to, and putting your cards on parrying with that dagger of yours isn't going to get you far), Ballistic Skill (the Zealot can not use ranged weapons), Strength (the Zealot have almost no need to use melee except to finish off mobs in low levels)
Mastery paths:
Path of Alchemy (focused on Direct Damage and direct heals)
Path of Witchcraft (focused on longer duration effects (HoTs and DoTs)
Path of Dark Rites (focused on area-effect abilities)
Think about:
  • Your healing abilities have the extreme range of 150ft, which means that you can stay out of enemy players' range while still keeping your allies alive
  • If your team are doing good, feel free to use the time to hammer down on some enemies and gain some extra
  • At low levels, remember that you are squishy, when the enemies starts pounding on you, you will turn in to a puddle of blood if you are not careful



Your first steps as a ZealotEdit


PvP basicsEdit


PvE BasicsEdit


AoE GrindingEdit


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