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The following article is a guide, written to express the opinion(s) of the author(s). As such, it should be followed with an informative, though not definitive approach.

WARNING! The following article is under construction, and will remain so for a considerable period of time. This article represents information relevant to this career as of September 22nd, 2008. (Template for under construction suggested.)


The Ironbreaker is a Dwarf tank archetype, designed to absorb punishment and abuse from the enemy, but capable of returning it with interest. Since the removal of the Knights of the Blazing Sun from the Empire's repetoire of career selections, Ironbreakers have grown in importance, providing the alliance of Order much needed soldiers who can hold their ground at the front line. As such, Ironbreakers will have to combine their talents to protect their allies and destroy their enemies.


Ironbreakers are gifted with the ability to use both single and two handed axes, heavy shields and armor. Ideally, Ironbreakers will need enhancements to strength, wounds and toughness. Strength provides not only melee attack bonuses, but also the ability to overcome their opponents with armor penetration and sheer power in their attacks. Both wounds and toughness are needed to survive the inevitable pounding that Ironbreakers will absorb in their line of combat.


Playing against the environment and against the other army are two seperate challenges. Environment challenges can be unique at first, but once an effective strategy is established, there is no contest. Other players, however, constantly grow. They become more powerful, obtain better equipment, fight you with skills balanced to be relatively equal to yours, and worst of all, learn from facing off against your tactics. Whatever you do, they'll find a counter and come back to beat you. This creates a situation of constant escalation, forcing you to reevaluate your strategies and stay two steps ahead of your opponent. In other words, there is no greater threat then another player.

Player Vs Environment and Public QuestsEdit

In PvE and PQ one's opponents are guided by the game's artificial intellect, meaning that a monster's decisions are based around the amount of threat or enmity that a character generates. Generally, the more damage someone inflicts, or the more they heal, more threat they generate. Some abilities add more enmity then others, however. Capitalizing on these abilities allows the Ironbreaker to better control the flow of damage onto himself and ease the jobs of support types for healing.

Player Vs PlayerEdit

Things change drastically in PvP situation in that you cannot simply control what the enemy does or who he fights. The enemy is guided by another player, whose intellect is often far more vast then NPC monsters. An alert enemy will jump at any opportunity offered to them: if they see a weakened mage for example, they will likely charge after him or her. They will gang up on a single player, striking and surrounding him or her until they are dead. They will work together, just as you should be.

To protect your allies, a different approach is required. Make use of your debilitating skills to slow the enemy or stun them, preventing them from getting around you. Inflict as much damage as you can, and make it extremely lethal to ignore you.

Get in their way! WAR offers collision detection, meaning the enemy cannot simply just pass through you. Moving laterally and staying in their way allows you to physically prevent them from hitting your allies. Fight in bottlenecks whenever possible. This will create a true, unbreachable front line which the enemy can pass only once you are dead.


Abilities tend to grow in power as one advances in ranks. Therefore, a skill learned early may still be viable and useful come end game. It is best to read through the decide which skills best suit your play style and make them the most ready. Keep in mind that as your character specializes, some skills are not as useful as others. Shield skills are not important if you plan to use two handed weapons often, for example.

Ranks 1 through 10Edit

Name Rank AP Grudge Summary
Axe Toss 1 ? 0 Axe Toss can be used to draw NPC monsters towards the party. It rarely seems to draw the attention of any monster other than the one it is used against.

The second use is to deal a critical hit against a weakened monster from behind, tomahawking them. This is extremely useful for killing fleeing monsters or taking enemy players who are about to buy it.

You can use Axe Toss while running, so don't be afraid to use it while charging the enemy.

More coming soon...

Ranks 11 through 20Edit

Coming soon...

Ranks 21 through 30Edit

Coming soon...

Ranks 31 through 40Edit

Coming soon...


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