Guardian Mefandir

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Guardian Mefandir

Guardian Mefandir

Rank 9 Champion Quest Giver
Realm Order
Species High Elf
Gender Male
Zone Chrace
Subzone Asarbel Highlands

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

"The Dark Elves are a brutal enemy, make no mistake, yet they do not lack in finesse. So steely is the vendetta of our foes that a feud more than three thousand years past continues to fuel their hateful deeds! So long as Malekith perches upon the throne of Naggaroth like a twisted carrion creature, the slights of the past will never be forgiven or forgotten."

- Guardian Mefandir, Quest Completion Text: Kindred Spirits Sundered IV

Guardian Mefandir is a High Elf quest giver NPC in the Asarbel Highlands, in central Chrace.

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