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is one of the ancestor gods, said to be carved by time from the rocks of the first mountains. In Dwarven legend, he led the Dwarfs away from the increasing perils of the upper world and into the safety of the earth. He is generally portrayed as a male Dwarf clad all in chainmail, with a forked iron-gray beard reaching almost to his feet.

Dwarfs consider Grungni to be the most important of all gods, for it was he who first discovered the knowledge of mining and smelting ores, which he then passed on to the earliest Dwarfs. He is credited with inventing iron and steel, so enabling the Dwarfs to destroy their foes with superior weaponry. Grungni is worshiped most by the miners, smiths and engineers who work the rock and metal of the mountains and his greatest shrine is in the hold of Karak Azul, which is famous for its excellent armories and weaponsmiths.

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