Grufdok Dourfist

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Grufdok Dourfist

Grufdok Dourfist

Rank 21 Quest Giver
Realm Order
Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Zone The Badlands
Subzone Norrikson's Excavation
Coordinates 9800, 37100

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Plenty of greenskins 'round these parts going to be feeling the weight of my knuckles up against their leathery faces, and it ain't going to be pretty. Ask the folk back at Bugman's once we're done here. They'll tell you as much.

- Grufdok Dourfist

Grufdok Dourfist is a Dwarf Hammerer that can be found at Norrikson's Excavation, an Oathbearer camp located in the region known as the Badlands. Dourfist firmly believes greenskins to be mindless, savage mobs; the best way to defeat such throngs is to remove their head, and as such he's marked the current leaders of the Blue Faces Orcs for death.

Quests Edit

Greenskins know what it is to catch a Dwarf off guard. Let's see how they like handling a throng of Dwarfs eager to acquit grudges.

- Grufdok Dourfist

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