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Grovod Caverns is a 12 vs. 12 Scenario in Tier 4 Chaos vs. Empire. Only level 40s can join this Scenario.
GrovodCaverns 01


Grovod Caverns features classic Capture the Flag mechanics with a few extra twists to the standard rules.

Each capture location has five entry and exit points via bridges that cross a small impassable stream.

As flags are captured these bridges will collapse one by one limiting access to the flag locations.

This has a two pronged effect on the fight: 1) attackers have a more difficult time capturing a flag because of the limited access, and 2) players trying to return to their home base with an enemy flag will have the same difficulties getting back into their home location.


When you first enter the Scenario, you'll be presented with the option to go straight or to the right out of the spawn area. Going straight will lead you to the center play area which then branches out in several directions, all leading towards the enemy flag. Going right will lead you to your own flag. Both flags are clearly visible across the entire map if you are in your home location or in the central cavern.

GrovodCaverns 02


Grovod Caverns is all about quick, strategic moves.

Setting up a strong defense at your flag location is always a good idea in any Capture the Flag map, but if you get wiped out while defending, you've pretty much just given the other team a free handful of points.

Side paths play a big role in this Scenario as they offer both cover and a fast get away by jumping from one level down to another. You'll want to use these paths extensively if you're carrying the flag. Running right up the gut will get you killed quickly.

Remember that the bridges that gate access to and from the flag locations will collapse on each capture. Before you head out to take an enemy flag, make sure you know what bridges are up to plan your route back!

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