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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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A "group" in WAR consists of one to six players. A player can only be a member of a single group at a time, but multiple groups may join forces (up to four) in a Warband. Members of the same group can see each others' health and action points, as well as spells currently affecting each other, and will share equally in experience, monetary loot, and other rewards. Some abilities will only affect members of your group.

Warhammer Online uses a unique "Open Group" system, allowing the leader of a group (or an individual) to select whether other players may see and join his group at will, without needing to be invited. This optional "Open Group" mechanic also applies to Warbands, and is intended to make it easier to find people to play with, or to allow other players working on the same objectives as your group to join forces with you without interrupting your battle. Also unique to WAR, any player in a group may invite someone to join, and the leader of the group may approve or disapprove the invitation.


Warbands are groups (sometimes known as Raids) of more than 6 and up to 48 players that can be formed in WAR. Warband members are able to target each other for assistance as well as see visually where other members are on the user-interface maps.

Members of a Warband also share Experience points, renown, loot rolls and money. Necessitating that they work together.

Related CommandsEdit

  • /openlist - Displays a list in your chat window of open parties near you. (Useful if you are in a group and cannot open the Open Group interface.)
  • /partynote <text> - Changes the note displayed when a player mouses over your group in the Open Group interface.
  • syntax needed - Allows you to toggle whether or not the group you are leading is open.

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