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Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain was an obese and fierce Goblin who gained the ability to regenerate after he ate Troll flesh. With the Greenskins, size is power and Grom assembled a huge Waaagh! with which he crossed the Black Fire Pass, besieged Dwarfen strongholds before turning to the Empire. He crossed the width and breadth of the Empire, leaving destruction in his path, before building a huge fleet and being blown to Ulthuan, where he was finally defeated by the High Elves.



The Broken Axe Goblin tribe lived in the eastern end of the Mad Dog Pass, south of the Crookback Mountain in the Dark Lands. Grom was lured into an eating contest, the object tough Troll flesh. Determined to out-eat his opponent, Grom stuffed himself full. For days afterwards Grom lay moaning and groaning, the Troll flesh regenerated at a quicker pace that his digestion could break it down. He swelled up until finally a balance was reached. From then, Grom was known as the Fat or the Paunch of Misty Mountain.

In Greenskin society, the biggest is mostly the most powerful and becomes the leader of the tribe. Grom was easily the largest goblin who ever existed and, though not taller than an Orc, he was bigger than them through his being enormously fat. Between 2400 and 2410 IC Grom and his Broken Axe Goblins conquered the other greenskin along the Mad Dog Pass and the Night Goblins under Thunder Mountain. It was only the beginning of Waaagh! Grom as many other tribes flocked to his banner everywhere he passed. First travelling the southern Worlds Edge Mountains and the Badlands he eventually crossed the Black Fire Pass in 2410 IC.

Into the EmpireEdit

First his enormous horde travelled northwards along the Dwarf held highlands. The Dwarfs called for help to the Empire but the corrupt and megalomaniac emperor Dieter the fourth had not the will nor the funds to send and army and instead retreated his forces, leaving Grom to the Dwarfs, who, seeing themselves vastly outnumbered, locked themselves up in their strongholds after the Battle of Iron Gate near Karak Varn. A part of Grom’s horde, including the fat leader himself, met the dwarf King there but after a bloody battle none was victorious. Grom could afford such losses, the Dwarfs couldn’t and so they retreated.

Grom roamed the mountains, plundering what he could, but no major strongholds were taken of the Dwarfs. Meanwhile his Waaagh! grew further with, among others, night goblins of the Red Eye Mountain and [[Forest Goblin]s]. Grom eventually turned his army westwards into the Empire and devastated Stirland, Talabecland and even going as far as Hochland. Dieter IV watched and did nothing while his population fled and sought refuge in the major cities. Nuln was sacked and the Palace of Gold and other great monuments erected by Dieter were laid to waste. No part of the Empire was safe for the Greenskins.

It was Wilhelm, Prince of Altdorf and cousin to the emperor who eventually mustered an army and set in a counter attack. Preying upon the smaller armies of Grom’s split up forces and avoiding the main concentrations, Wilhelm held Reikland from complete destruction. Grom himself had by then turned to the coast where he was building a huge fleet. Material was brought from all over the ruined Empire and in 2424 IC it set to sea. Marienburg prepared its defences and Bretonnia and Kislev were warned of the coming Waaagh! but it was eventually the wind that drove off the Greenskins. Inexperienced sailors, they could not help but be blown into the Great Ocean where they, after destroying the fleet of Marienburg, disappeared from the shores of the Old World.

In UlthuanEdit

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It was after fourty nights at sea, they turned up at the coast of Ulthuan and Grom was defeated at the gates of Tor Yvresse. See Eltharion until this section is expanded.


Niblit the Goblin is Grom’s standard bearer and assistant. They rode a massive chariot pulled by three wolves.

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