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Grimnir the Fearless is the warrior god of the Dwarfs. He personifies the undaunted courage and fearlessness of the Dwarf race. After the coming of Chaos to the Warhammer world, raw magic poured into the world from the Realm of Chaos. Grimnir was given two mighty rune axes forged from the starmetal gromril by Grungni, which he used to fight off the daemons, giants, trolls and dragons which emerged to threaten the mountain realms of the Dwarf clans. On learning from the High Elves (Caledor Dragontamer) of the Chaos Portal at the north pole which was the source of Chaos, Grimnir vowed to close the gate himself. Grungni and Valaya told him that he would surely die from the cosmic energies around the gate, but Grimnir was determined to uphold his vow. He shaved his head and beard save for one crest of hair that ran from the nape of his neck to his forehead. Leaving one of his axes to his son, Grimnir departed for the north. He was never seen again, although his fate is unknown. The Dwarfs only say that he fell in darkness long ago.

The cult of Slayers venerates Grimnir in particular and they paint his rune on their bare flesh. They emulate his final actions by shaving their heads as he did and setting out to seek fights against near-invincible monsters so that they can die in glorious battle, defending Dwarf holds against their enemies.

One of the Axes of Grimnir is wielded by Thorgrim Grudgebearer, the current High King of the Dwarfs. The other is supposedly in the possession of the Gotrek Gurnisson, as many say that it rivals Thorgrims axe in power and abilities. 

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