Grimmenhagen Windmill

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Grimmenhagen Windmill

Grimmenhagen Windmill

Zone Nordland
Realm Order
Army Order of the Griffon
Chapter War Comes to Grimmenhagen

The Grimmenhagen Windmill is visible from almost anywhere in southern Nordland, a monument to agricultural industry. Its proximity to Grimmenhagen Village, and the Harvest Road, make for an ideal destination for the crops grown in the region.

In the Age of Reckoning Edit

Rather than producing crops, the fields of Grimmenhagen have been stained with the blood of both the defenders of the Empire and the followers of Chaos. In kind, the Mill has turned away from its intended uses in order to serve as a rallying point and field infirmary for those injured in the surrounding conflict; it now stands as the only bastion of civilization in the region, other than Grimmenhagen Village itself.

Grimmenhagen Windmill NPCs Edit

Service NPCs Edit

Grimmenhagen Windmill Mobs Edit

Grimmenhagen Village Quests Edit

Quest Name Type Quest Start Quest End Notes
The Guns of Nordenwatch RvR Griffon Sergeant Griffon Sergeant R

Notes Edit

  • R - Repeatable Quest

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