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Grimmenhagen 001

Grimmenhagen Village

Zone Nordland
Realm Order
Army Order of the Griffon
Chapter War Comes to Grimmenhagen

Grimmenhagen Village is a coaching village in southern Nordland. The farmers and peasants of Grimmenhagen have reluctantly swapped their plowshares for swords to defend their lands and families against the Chaos host under the watchful eye of Viktor Riese, an emissary of the Order of the Griffon.

In the Age of Reckoning Edit

The people of Grimmenhagen Village are feeling the constant press of invaders as Chaos forces strive to claim the village in the name of the Raven God. Farmlands have been trampled underfoot by the marauders as they march from the north, and many of the buildings on the outskirts of the settlement have already been claimed by fire. Order of the Griffon forces have responded to the area, but they are sorely outnumbered; without the assistance of the villagers of Grimmenhagen, the region would already be lost.

Grimmenhagen Village Locations Edit

Empty Barrel Inn

The Empty Barrel Inn

Empty Barrel Inn 
The Empty Barrel Inn is a local watering hole that caters to both the village's citizens and those that have arisen in defense of the region. Officers and soldiers of the Order of the Griffon, dwarf warriors responding to the Empire's call for aide, and battle-weary peasants intermingle as the constant sounds of the siege can be heard just beyond the establishment's walls.

Grimmenhagen Village NPCs Edit

Service NPCs Edit

Merchants Edit

Trainers Edit

Grimmenhagen Village Mobs Edit

Grimmenhagen Village Quests Edit

Quest Name Type Quest Start Quest End Notes
A Son's Sacrifice I PvE Scrivener Elwin Jakob Hebel
A Son's Sacrifice II PvE Jakob Hebel Scrivener Elwin
Amber Blossom I PvE Elder Eckolt Saldon Sharpspear
Hearts and Minds PvE Viktor Riese Cuthbert
Murder Wood PvE Ulfred Ulfred
Of Honor and Glory I ToK Ehren Aldemar Ehren Aldemar
Of Honor and Glory II ToK Ehren Aldemar Stephan Busso
The End is Nigh Travel Eldred Krebs Werner Fassbinder
The Grey Lady Coaching Inn Travel Viktor Riese Esbern Weaver
The Guns of Nordenwatch RvR Griffon Sergeant Griffon Sergeant R
Woebegone I PvE Elder Eckolt Orgni Stouthammer
Woebegone II PvE Orgni Stouthammer Alrin Bitterstone
Wolves Among the Sheep PvE Viktor Riese Viktor Riese

  • R - Repeatable Quest

Nordland Subzones
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Grey Lady Coaching InnGrimmenhagenGrimmenhagen BarrowsGrimmenhagen VillageGrimmenhagen WindmillNew Emskrank
Icon Chaos Raven Host
New EmskrankSalzenmund

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