Grimmenhagen Barrows

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Grimmenhagen Barrows

Grimmenhagen Barrows

Zone Nordland
Realm Order
Army Order of the Griffon
Chapter War Comes to Grimmenhagen

Grimmenhagen Barrows is the traditional resting place of the people of Grimmenhagen, in southern Nordland. Peasant and legend, interred side by side, lie eternally behind the wrought-iron gate and stone walls; within the tomb is housed the remains of the smith Granther Hammerfist, among others.

In the Age of Reckoning Edit

The followers of the Raven God are not the only invaders that have set foot in Grimmenhagen; servants of Nurgle, attracted by the death and slaughter of so many, move brazenly among the fresh corpses awaiting proper burial within the crypt. As if to expel these intruders, the presence of Chaos in the region has caused the very dead of the tomb to awake. Spirits haunt the corridors of the Barrows, and even venture forth under the sky. They fail to differentiate between friend or foe, attacking any that possess blood in their veins.

Grimmenhagen Barrows Mobs Edit

Named Mobs Edit

Nordland Subzones
Icon Empire Order of the Griffon
Grey Lady Coaching InnGrimmenhagenGrimmenhagen BarrowsGrimmenhagen VillageGrimmenhagen WindmillNew Emskrank
Icon Chaos Raven Host
New EmskrankSalzenmund

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