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Zone Nordland
Realm Order
Army Order of the Griffon
Chapter War Comes to Grimmenhagen

Grimmenhagen is a region of dense forests and fertile farmlands located in southern Nordland, surrounding and completely supported by the settlement of Grimmenhagen Village and Grimmenhagen Windmill. However, with the arrival of Norse marauders this area normally devoted to crops and livestock has been turned into a battlefield.

In the Age of Reckoning Edit

The followers of the Raven God run rampant through the region of Grimmenhagen. A Chaos Portal, watched over by the man Hakon Soulcrusher, serves as a gateway from which additional marauders join the conflict. This never ending tide of destruction has placed the Order of the Griffon into a corner, and they desperately seek the manpower needed to turn the tide of battle.

Grimmenhagen Locations Edit

Cannon Hill

The View from Cannon Hill

Cannon Hill 
Cannon Hill offers the forces of the Order of the Griffon a clear vantage point to observe the attacking Chaos forces. A man by the name of Cuthbert commands an artillery unit stationed on the site, as the view of the fields below provides an ideal opportunity to thin the advancing enemy ranks. Unfortunately, such an unobstructed view also means those on the hill are easy targets for the invader's artillery fire; Hellcannons constantly bombard the hill, their positions well protected by ground forces of the Raven Host.
Murder Wood 
This dense growth of trees and brush in northeastern Grimmenhagen has long been rumored to be the home of Beastmen, though locals firmly hold that the deadliest creatures that live within the forest are its oversized boars. That said, legend is often based in fact; such is true in this case, as a herd of Ungor can be found living in the Wood's easternmost regions.

Grimmenhagen NPCs Edit

Grimmenhagen Mobs Edit

Grimmenhagen Chaos Portal

A Chaos Portal

Named Mobs Edit

Grimmenhagen Quests Edit

Quest Name Type Quest Start Quest End Notes
Amber Blossom II PvE Saldon Sharpspear Elder Eckolt
Granther's Lucky Hammer PvE Alrin Bitterstone Alrin Bitterstone
Grimmenhagen Burning PvE Lanric Lanric
Horrors of War PvE Alrin Bitterstone Viktor Riese
Return Fire PvE Cuthbert Cuthbert
Silencing the Cannons PvE Cuthbert Cuthbert
Test of Mettle PvE Cuthbert Cuthbert
Urgent Orders PvE Cuthbert Alrin Bitterstone
Woebegone III PvE Alrin Bitterstone Orgni Stouthammer

Nordland Subzones
Icon Empire Order of the Griffon
Grey Lady Coaching InnGrimmenhagenGrimmenhagen BarrowsGrimmenhagen VillageGrimmenhagen WindmillNew Emskrank
Icon Chaos Raven Host
New EmskrankSalzenmund

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