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Exclamation Caution: Expanded Background Content

This material is not directly related to WAR but is provided for those wanting a broader Warhammer experience. Information herein may not be consistent with events or characters portrayed in WAR.

The undefeated Black Orc Grimgor Ironhide is the Chieftain of the Yellow Eyes Tribe and one of the most (in)famous Orcs to have ever lived, he is undefeated and is feared by every race that has ever faced him. When a mother puts her children to bed she tells them to be good "Or Grimgor will get them", the Elves of Athel Loren call him an ancient demon having returned, yet they have not even faced his wrath.

The Life of the IronhideEdit

Of Dwarves and Kislevites Edit

Of Grimgors early life, next to nothing is known. He came out of the Badlands with an elite bodyguard of scarred Black Orcs and quickly took the leadership of the first tribe he met, conquered the second and utterly destroyed the third. The dwarven fortress of Karak-Kadrin was the first to get a taste of his might. As he assaulted the impregnable fortress he killed dwarves in droves, those that were not killed had their beards removed, hair by hair, and were then boiled alive in their own armour while the dwarves in the hold could do nothing but watch their comrades die.

However Grimgor was never the patient one, and he did not want to sit around waiting for a breach in the walls so he took his massive force north, towards the frozen lands of Kislev. As his army arrived in Kislev it was met by an massive army, or a "Pulk" as the kislevites called it, as he charged with his army the kislevite forces were shattered by his ferocity and was nearly immediately forced into a massive rout. Two more pulks were send to stop him, but it went the same way, and the Tzarina ordered her troops to withdraw to the capital of Kislev, as she said a prayer.

Luckily for the locals, their Tzarina Katarina was an accomplished Ice Mage and her prayers were answered. Grimgors army was pelted by blizzard after blizzard. In the end the massive orc decided to sit it out, as the orcs camped Grimgor slaughtered scores of Goblins to keep his wrath down, but was at last forced to turn his army around and march back. As he marched back the storm started to subside, however every time he turned his army back towards Kislev the storm grew in strength.

Furiously, Grimgor arrived in the old Dwarf hold of Karak Ungor, that had been occupied by the Red Eye Goblins. Most of these Night Goblins did not halt in joining the WAAAGH! and all that opposed were quickly slaughtered, but it was not in these weak Goblins Grimgor would satisfy his rage from Kislev.

Culling of the Skaven Edit

In the tunnels Grimgor would find a target for his wrath. The Skaven of Clan Mors inhabited the tunnels beneath the ruined fortress, and Grimgor was desperate for a good fight. As the battles raged in the tunnels it seemed impossible to fully defeat the Skaven, as there was no map of the tunnels and both the Goblins and Skaven kept adding more tunnels to the network. It seemed he had found a battle that would never end.

Every summer Grimgor would fight the Dwarves and Humans surrounding his new fortress, and when the freezing cold of winter would ascend upon the mountains he would enter the caves and flood them with blood of the skaven. As Grimgor and his "'Ardboyz" were killing the Skavens he pressed deeper and deeper into the Under Empire of the Skavens, and he arrived in Hell Pit, home of Clan Moulder and their nefarious leader Throt The Unclean.

Deep inside Hell Pit, Throt started to grow nervous. His armies were being butchered and the massive orcs pushed deeper and deeper into his capital, so he decided to send his most powerful weapon upon the orcs. He finally sent forth something to challenge Grimgor; the terrifying experimenting of Clan Moulder had created the feared Rat Ogres.

As the Rat Ogres took Grimgor's army by surprise they were pushed back, but as the hordes of Orcs fled the hulking beasts Grimgor alone held the doorway to Hell Pit. It was a narrow pass and the massive beasts were unable to use their numbers against the powerful Black Orc so as the Rat Ogres jumped him, one by one, Grimgor cut them down as they came. None stood a chance and his powerful axe, Gitsnik the Foe Killer, tore the lumbering beasts to pieces. Grimgor spent hours cleaving the Rat Ogres and when there were no more of them and the heart of Clan Moulder was open to assault, he turned around.

As Grimgor had defeated the best the nefarious rat men could offer he decided that there was no fun in fighting Skavens anymore, and walked back up to his immense army.

High Pass and the Marauders Edit

As Grimgor left the rats alone he did not go terrorise the northern Empire and southern Kislev, nor did he go to the dwarves, this summer he took an entirely new route.

The area where the Worlds Edge Mountains meet the Mountains of Mourn is known as The High Pass. This pass has never been succesfully crossed by an army and Grimgor now found a challenge not in a fight but proving that not even the weather could stop his army.

Before the sun of spring had broken the clouds of the winter Grimgor was leading his army across the treacherous mountains. Pushing the Greenskins across the mountains, many hesitated but they feared the wrath of Grimgor more than they feared the terrifying mountains. Pushing his army further across the passes, the weaker goblins and orcs perished in the freezing storms and treacherous cliffs.

Grimgor wanted to find a true enemy as quickly as possible and bellowed at his troops as they slowly slowed down. One time his bellow was so immense it launched an avalanche upon his troops, killing many more. This however did not matter one bit to the immense Black Orc.

It took about a week for the WAAAGH! to cross the dangerous mountains and no sooner had the army reached the plains of the Dark Lands before a cloud of dust was spotted moving towards the army. Grimgor immediately bellowed to his orcs that they should march towards the Kurgan Northmen riding towards his force.

As the two armies met head on, it did for a moment look like the orcs would break but with Gitsnik cutting a bloody swathe across the marauders the Orcs managed to pull the horsemen off and chop them to pieces.

Following this battle Grimgor thought that he had finally found the enemies he had been looking for, and camped at the mountain pass that led into the Empire, as all the Northmen would like to plunder the "soft" lands of the west. The Marauders gather to fight and test themselves against the "Green Daemon" and gain passage to the Empire. Although Grimgor's WAAAGH!! was constantly thinned by the marauder attacks, the many Orcs and Black Orcs of the Dark Lands would flock to his banner, as it is the custom of greenskins.

Crom The Conquerer, Bringer of the StormEdit

Vardek Crom was a Kurgan Northman of the Kul tribe, he had fought thousands of battles and has been named the head lieutenant and herald of the Everchosen Archaon, Lord of the End Times. He was leading the largest army ever seen in the Dark Lands across towards the Worlds Edge Mountains, Archaon had ordered him to gather the largest army he could and assault the Empire from the east while the Everchosen would march on Middenheim. There had been next to no opposition as he had crossed the plains with his unstoppable force.

Grimgor had heard of and army marching across the plains towards the Empire, an army so big that when standing in the middle you would be unable to see the end of the lines. As the huge army marched across the plains they were chanting the name of their leader, Crom The Conquerer, Bringer of the Storm, Herald of Archaon, Warlord of the Kurgan. Grimgor had gladly moved his army to face them.

As the two armies stood in front of each other, both their leaders smiled. Finally a challenge worthy of them. As the immense armies howled their warcries, the biggest battle in the history of the Dark Lands was started.

During the battle, the two commanders spotted each other, instantly knowing they had found what both had been looking for all their life. A challenger worthy of their skill. They both pushed their way through the thousands of warriors fighting towards the enemy leader.

As they fought each other, it seemed they had truly found a match for their skills. Everytime one attacked, the other would perfectly block the attack. Hours passed as the two lost themselves in the Epic Duel, the morning turned to day, and day turned to evening, when the night was finally starting to creep in on the fighters Crom took a step back, and shook his head. Then it appeared before Grimgor; The WAAAGH! had finally been defeated and Grimgor was the only orc on the field still turned towards the Army of Chaos. Growling in anger at this, he turned around and left with his army, as Crom stood victorious.

The gates of MiddenheimEdit

But then, how could he redeem himself and once again prove to be truly da best? Only by defeating the very master of the one that humiliated him. Following the trail of destruction in his wake, Grimgor tracked the hordes of the Lord of End times to Middenheim, the city of the White Wolf. Being the chosen prophet of his green deity, Gork, Grimgor had huge effigies to this god created in wood and stone to bring with him to the field of battle. And outside the mighty ramparts of Middenheim, he also created what was later recognised as "Da Godz", two gargantuan siege towers crowned with battering rams, rock lobbers and shamans formed in the image of the gods Gork and Mork. With these additions to his grizzled armies, he assaulted the city; Although, as the battle progressed, his attempts to breach the walls proved unsuccessful.

Faced with only one remaining option, Grimgor left the machines behind and led his 'Ardboyz headstrong into the midst of the battle, in a manner only a greenskin could do. While the orcs began slaughtering the men from the armies of Valten and Archaon alike, Grimgor alone searched the battlefield for signs of the chaos warriors’ leader. And just some yards away, there he was: The everchosen. Still battling Valten and Luthor Huss simultaniously, Archaon was not aware of the green giant coming his way. Just at that very moment as the fight was over, and the horribly injured warrior priest carried the unconscious Valten to safety inside the city, Grimgor caught Archaon's attention with a most glorious headbutt. Dazzled and surprised, the chaos lord was barely able to evade the strike that severed the lower half of his shield and he sprawled backwards. Regaining his balance he stroke forward with the slayer of kings, but Grimgor readily parried the attack with the hilt of the mighty Gitsnik, and with his heavy, booted foot he disarmed Archaon. Unarmed and defenseless, he recieved a powerful blow to each side of his head with the flat of the axe, and with the tip of the blade placed across the defeated everchosen's, the Black orc raised his vision to the clouded sky and shouted out with his thundering voice a cry of victory to men and gods alike:

"Grimgor is da best!!"

Now fully redeemed and accompanied by the cheering of his warriors and the chanting of his name, Grimgor turned away from the humiliated man and calmly left the battlefield. He had known since the beginning of that battle that Middenheim was by all propabilities not going to fall under his dominion. He would not be the one to conquer the city, to kill the exalted Valten or to slay the emperor. Not that day anyway. His mind was only set on fighting the Lord of end times face to face, and this he had done. Though his campaign would by many be called a failure, Grimgor was satisfied for the time being. His point had been proven. His work was done.

Under ConstructionEdit

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