Grimbeard (Tier 2 Ironbreaker mob)

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Ironbreaker Grimbeard MoM


Rank 20 CHAMPION Mob
Type Humanoids
Subtype Dwarfs
Species Dwarf
Zone Barak Varr
Marshes of Madness
Subzone Dok Karaz
Fangbreaka Swamp

PC Reactions

Order Friendly
Destruction Hostile

Grimbeards are Dwarf Ironbreakers that can be found in Barak Varr and the Marshes of Madness; they serve as defenders of the Keep Lords of Fangbreaka Swamp and Dok Karaz when these sites are controlled by the Realm of Order. In order for control of one of these Keeps to switch hands Destruction players must force their way past these warriors, and the Keep's other defenders, in order to confront and defeat the Keep Lord.

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