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Grief Play is a term used to describe a play style in which a player intentionally disrupts the gaming experience or enjoyment of other players. This can describe a wide variety of actions such as verbal harrassment, corpse camping, ganking, kill stealing, or a higher level player hanging around and killing lower level quest targets.

In some cases this is purely a matter of a perspective, as the higher level player may have a good reason for killing lower level targets, or the ganking may be perceived as tactically necessary to defend a major objective. In most cases, the intentions of a player engaging in Grief Play are less noble. This play style is also frequently referred to as Griefing, and its adherents are typically termed Griefers.

Grief Play in Warhammer OnlineEdit

Warhammer Online takes several steps to eliminate major sources of Grief Play, such as putting tier restrictions on open Realm Versus Realm combat to lessen unnecessary or unreasonable ganking, and including a respawn system which allows players who respawn to always return to a relatively safe location rather than be corpse camped. Naturally, there will always be people who insist on making others miserable, but their presence in Warhammer Online varies very little from in other games, and is perhaps most noticable in the interactions between Role-Players and non Role-Players.

If you feel you are being harrassed, the most useful resolution is typically to just ignore the Griefer, as if they are attempting to disrupt your fun, this will effectively remove their entertainment. Alternatively, you may file a harrassment report from within the game by opening the Help menu, and selecting 'Create Appeal.'

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