Grey Seer

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Grey Seer
Creature Info
Type Unknown
Sub-Type Unknown
Variants: Unknown
Level range: Unknown
Grey seer concept

Grey Seers are the great wizards of the Skaven, and are seen through the race as prophets of the Horned Rat. They commonly preach to the Skaven populace of a coming time called the Great Ascendancy, when all of the Skaven will rise up as one and overwhelm both the Old World and the New World. Any who oppose the Grey Seers are considered to be heretics, and will be hunted down and killed in the name of the Horned Rat. On top of all of the power of the Grey Seers, there is also one of their number in the Council of Thirteen, known as the Seerlord, and is the informant to the rest of the Grey Seers of the council's actions. Some Skaven believe that there should not be a Grey Seer in the Council, and say that it is not the intended role of the Grey Seers. However, in the massive Skaven populace, their voices remain unheard for the time being.

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