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Grey Lady Coaching Inn

Grey Lady Coaching Inn

Zone Nordland
Realm Order
Army Order of the Griffon
Chapter The Muster of Nordland

The Grey Lady Coaching Inn, is a small town and a quest hub for players. It is located in the middle of Nordland.

In the Age of Reckoning Edit

Grey Lady Coaching Inn NPCs Edit

Service NPCs Edit

Merchants Edit

Trainers Edit

Grey Lady Coaching Inn Mobs Edit

Grey Lady Coaching Inn Quests Edit

Quest Name Type Quest Start Quest End Notes
Arming the Militia PvE Esbern Weaver Esbern Weaver
Encroaching Darkness I PvE Esbern Weaver Sigmarite Acolyte
Enemies Abound II PvE Tristan Lot Tristan Lot
Leaving the Grey Lady Behind Travel Esbern Weaver Sergeant Altmann
Love Lost I PvE Vidkun Arnich
Promise of Battle I PvE Matthias Gelt Matthias Gelt
Promise of Battle II Travel Matthias Gelt Sergeant Altmann
Report to General Breuer Travel Werner Fassbinder General Breuer
The Emperor's Mandate I Epic Old Duffer Lieutenant Wilhem
The Emperor's Mandate II Epic Lieutenant Wilhem Patrolman Brandr
The Emperor's Mandate IV Epic Lieutenant Wilhem Innkeeper Svetla
The Emperor's Mandate V Epic Innkeeper Svetla Lieutenant Wilhem
The Emperor's Mandate VI Epic Lieutenant Wilhem Sergeant Altmann
The Guns of Nordenwatch RvR Griffon Sergeant Griffon Sergeant R
Unwanted Guests PvE Innkeeper Svetla Innkeeper Svetla
  • R - Repeatable Quest

Nordland Subzones
Icon Empire Order of the Griffon
Grey Lady Coaching InnGrimmenhagenGrimmenhagen BarrowsGrimmenhagen VillageGrimmenhagen WindmillNew Emskrank
Icon Chaos Raven Host
New EmskrankSalzenmund

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