Greatstone Kadrikson

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Greatstone Kadrikson

Greatstone Kadrikson

Rank 19 Quest Giver
Realm Order
Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Oathhold
Coordinates 52400, 39000

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Order Friendly

The marsh seems to bring out the worst in everything. Even the honor of a Dwarf is not immune to the twist and tarnish of this quagmire. It weighs heavy on my heart. I have seen so many of my brothers cut down for the lure of power or the glint of coin and my cousin Murdogh appears not to even hold a proper grudge against it!

- Greatstone Kadrikson

Greatstone Kadrikson is a Dwarf Engineer that can be found at Oathhold, a camp in the Marshes of Madness. The swamps can take a toll on one's mind, and Kadrikson has seen this effect take hold of man and Dwarf alike. He feels that the sooner the Oathbearers leave the Marshes, the better it will be for them all.

Quests Edit

I'll be happy as a nugget o' found gold when we finally run the greenskins out of here and I can join my brother Valhund back in Ekrund. He can tell a tale grand enough to make your beard stand on end!

- Greatstone Kadrikson

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