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Great Forest is a huge Forest that covers a large part of the Empire. While the forest is certainly dangerous, not all sections are treacherous and many towns and cities thrive in cleared areas of the forest. Though even in cleared sections, many patches of woods remain. The forest is probably based on the ancient Germanic forest east of the Rhine River in Europe, today, that forest has mostly been cleared, with notable remnants such as the Black Forest. The Forest encompasses most or large areas of the provinces of Nordland, Ostland, Talabecland, Middenland and Reikland, while extending into Ostermark and Hochland.


Various sections of the forest have different names:

  • The Forest of Shadows in Ostland.
  • The Great Forest in Talabecland.
  • Laurelorn Forest in western Nordland. (Home to the largest Wood Elf community in The Empire.)
  • The Reikwald in Reikland.

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