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A battery of Great Cannons.

For Siege Weapons in WAR, see Siege weapons.

Cannons are large weapons of war utilising the explosive force of black powder to hurl a metal ball (called "shot") hundreds of metres towards a target, usually the enemy. Cannons are used by Dwarfs and The Empire.


"There are no problems that cannot be solved with cannons."

- Chief Engineer Boris Krauss of Nuln (Copyright Games Workshop)

The Imperial Gunnery School at Nuln is a vast complex of mighty forges, by far the biggest cannon foundry in the world. It is here where the Great Cannons of the Empire are made, and where the gunnery captains of the Emperor's armies are trained. The cannons of the Gunnery School are the terror of the Empire's foes. Thunderous cannon fire sends iron balls hammering into the ranks of enemy warriors, each impact ploughing bloody furrows through tightly packed regiments. Even the mightiest creature cannot ignore the power of a Great Cannon, as was ably demonstrated at the Siege of Middenheim, when Master Gunner Pumhart von Steyr decapitated a rampaging Dragon with a single, well-placed shot.

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