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Greaus Golldtooth has managed to do what no Tyrant has done until now. He has united the Ogre tribes within his reach into an empire of sorts, earning himself the title of Overtyrant. He is a massively obese, and his tribe are the wealthiest and best equipped of any of the kingdoms mainly because Greasus demands tithes from the Tyrants of neighboring kingdoms, a price that many are willing to pay if it will spare them the wrath of the Overtyrant.

Greasus Goldtooth, the "Overtyrant of the Ogre Kingdoms", is leader of many tribes all of which pay him tribute. His full name and title is Tradelord Greasus Tribestealer Drakecrush Hoardmaster Goldtooth the Shockingly Obese. He is so fat that he has to be carried around on a throne by Gnoblars. As his name implies, Greasus has replaced all his teeth with new ones made of the one thing that he loves more than anything else in the world: gold - the name is pun on "Croesus" and "grease". He's also unbelievably fat, easily the size of two Tyrants.

He was the Ogre who started the incursions outside The Mountains of Mourn, and he was the one who "persuaded" the Orcs of the Dark Lands to pay him tribute. When he was a teenage Ogre, he ate his father.

There is some controversy over why other Ogre Tyrants do not try to overthrow Greasus: is it because he has become too powerful (his magical weapon, the Scepter of the Titans, apparently grants him more than enough magical strength to wield it properly, even though he has become too fat to wield ordinary Ogre weapons), or is it because he has bribed so many other Tyrants into allegiance with himself? It may be, however, that because in Ogre society a large gut is a sign of nobility and grandness, Greasus has earned his reputation thanks to his enormous gut (or, perhaps, fear it, as Greasus once broke the neck of another tyrant, in his youth, by diving and landing belly-first on the tyrant).

He possesses two important items: the "Sceptre of the Titans" and the "Overtyrant's Crown". The former makes Greasus stronger than a Bloodthirster daemon while the latter makes Greasus smarter than the normal ogre (which is on par with the village idiot). His wealth is often used in battle to sway the enemy into his service and to further strengthen the "loyalty" of his troops.

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