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The Chaos Wastes - Grave of Hanse Grumman - on the hill @62;14,5k

Note: I visited this grave and got the message saying it was the grave of Hanse Grumman (not Gans). No update in the ToK either. Can anyone verify this? - Karmah

Above note is confirmed. I have also found two other graves throughout the world that have shown an achievement unlock but no listing has appeared in the ToK for either of them. One of these graves was in IC, the other I can't remember. I've found a third grave in Reikland at 1800,6100. The grave of Bomit Bumbleshoot. Once again it says it has unlocked under achievements but when clicked there is no entry for it. - Nomans

There is also a grave in Ostland at approximately 60031,59900; this time of Ronal Grumman. In the miscellaneous tab on your chat bar, there should be text of what the marker says. In this case, it read, 'Here lies Ronal Grumman/Loving husband of Elle./Father of Hanse, lost to the Wastes.' Once again this is an empty Tome unlock. Something along the lines of 'No need to translate' Kaisenbrecht/Tyrphanax 11:30, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

All these tombs (their only 14) concern to Lair of the Defiler and are necessary that there was a possibility to open it.

It is necessary to remove this page from a category of achievements as the list from approximately 50 elements is not displayed in the general list.

TEZARIUS 19 September 2009

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