Grand Theogonist Volkmar

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Grand Theogonist Volkmar

Grand Theogonist Volkmar

Rank 48 Hero Quest Giver
Realm Order
Species The Empire
Gender Male
Zone Altdorf
Subzone The Temple of Sigmar
Coordinates 4200, 24300

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

"This Temple is my domain. What happens within these walls reflects directly upon me, and everyone else working for the glory of Sigmar. That's why men like Gothard Alexander and his subordinates are necessary. They keep the peace, so that I may continue my teaching unabated."

- Grand Theogonist Volkmar

Volkmar von Hindenstern, more commonly known by his title of Grand Theogonist, is the leader of the Cult of Sigmar, and operates out of the capital city of Altdorf. Also known as Volkmar the Grim, his role of High Priest makes him one of the most influential individuals of the Empire.

Quests Edit

"I see more and more people enter these Temple doors each day. I wish I could say it was my teachings that summoned them here, but alas, I believe it is fear and uncertainty that brings them."

- Grand Theogonist Volkmar

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Ends Quests Edit

Additional Quotes Edit

"Please have a seat, if you'd like. Allow me to tell you the tale of Sigmar's ascent."

- Grand Theogonist Volkmar

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