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The Grail Companions are a group of Grail Knights, the first to be so blessed by the Lady, who formed around Gilles Le Breton, the uniter. In a sequence of twelve battles, they purged the lands east of the Grey Mountains of the evils that beset it and founded the Kingdom of Bretonnia.


The lands east of the Grey Mountains found themselves rampaged and sacked by Greenskin and other evil beings. In those days, a group of heroes arose to cleanse their lands of those who terrorized its population.

Gilles of Bastonne, Landuin of Mousillon and Thierulf of Lyonesse united in the year 975 IC at the edge of the Forest of Châlon where they prepared to fight the Greenskin. On the morning of the battle, they were bestowed with a vision of the Lady rising above the water of a lake, holding in her hands the Holy Grail. She blessed them with her divine powers. They were the first to be so blessed and, transcending the mortal clay, became the first Grail Knights. The Battle at Bordeleaux was won and would be the First Great Battle in a sequence of twelve. They returned to the lake that evening and thanked the Lady for her help, vowing to serve her and continue until all evil was driven out of the lands of the Bretonni horsetribes, the ancestors of the people of Bretonnia.

Marcus of Bordeleaux and Fredemund of Aquitaine joined them after that first battle and they were too bestowed with the Ladies blessing. Now five, they set off southwards along the coast and soon encountered the rearguard of a Waaagh! which besieged Brionne. It is said that Fredemund sounded his clarion horn upon which a flock of falcons descended upon the greenskin. Landuin killed the Orc Warlord and the Second Great Battle was won. When they arrive at Brionne, Balduin of Brionne broke out of his besieged city and with the help of the five companions, relieved the port. After this third victory, Balduin joined with his forces and was blessed by the Lady.

They rode on to the south east and were on the way joined by Lambard of Carcasonne. Assailed by Goblin Wolf Riders, they finally arrived at the edge of Athel Loren and found the forest burning. With the help of Rademund the Pure, Lord of Quenelles, and assisted by the Wood Elves and the powers of their enchanted forest, the Orcs were butchered and the flames were put out. The Fourth Great Battle won Gilles the friendship of the elves.

Now eight in number, the Grail Companion rode north to Parravon to find the city besieged by giants, casting boulders from the flanks of the Grey Mountains onto the city and taken by the goblins of the Seveered Hand. Agilgar of Parravon rode his Pegasus and with the companions aid smited the foe. This was the Fifth Great Battle.

At Castle Monfort, they relieved Martrud of Monfort from a siege by Night Goblins after a week of fighting. Gilles was struck by an arrow the first day, but upon laying him beside a lake, the Lady came to his aid and he awoke the day after in full strength, slaying three Wyverns in his wrath. Afterwards, the Grail Companion entered the Goblin Lair in the Mountains and slew the Goblin king and the Trolls within, ending the Sixth and Seventh Great Battle.

With Agligar and Martrud, the Grail Companion now counted ten and they set off towards Gisoreux and were joined by Beren. The goblins beseting his lands were slaughtered during the Eighth Great Battle. Next was Mousillon, a city they found ransacked during Landuin's absence and within waited Folgar, Lord of Artois who spoke to them of a large host marchin towards them. During the Ninth Great Battle that followed, Gilles hew of the head of a dragon, Thierulf wrestled with a two headed giant, Agilgar battle with bat-winged fiends and Landuin killed the Necromancer that animated the Undead.

L'Anguille was besieged by Norse raiders. After days of battle, Lord Marcus of Bordeleaux challenged Svengar of the Skaelings, the fell lord of the Norse and they fought a day an a night atop the lighthouse of L'Anguille until Svengar was struck down and the Norse sailed away. Lord Corduin of L'Anguille was very grateful and joined the Grail Companions. THe ensuing eleventh battle was fought at the River Sannez, border between L'Anguille and Couronne where Carleond, lord of that area, joined in and they defeated a large greenskin horde.

The Companion, now fully twelve, crossed the River Sannez and arrived for their final battle on the plains of Couronne. They were attacked from the front by greenskin pouring down from the Pale Sisters, the mountains to the east, and from the rear by Skaven, who had taken the city of Couronne. But here too, they were victorious.

When the lands east of the Grey Mountain were finally purged, a great meeting was held in the halls of Artois and the Kingdom of Bretonnia was founded. Each of the Grail Companions became Duke of their lands while Giles the Uniter also took on the duty of Kingship.

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