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This is an Achievements stub from the Tome of Knowledge. You can help HammerWiki by adding to it.

Bestiary unlock for River Troll. Must be rank 5 to complete.

Troll droppings


Step 1: Find Troll Droppings on the ground in Troll Country at {50k,50k} or {49k,43k} or {50k,45k} or {55k,47k}. Collect this to recieve a River Troll Dropping.
Step 2: Take this item to Brenard the Alchemist in Felde Castle, Troll Country.


Step 1: See Order Step 1.
Step 2: Take this item to Voxanna the Transmuter in Felde, Troll Country {11068, 60220}. {50,45} was the only spot I saw the dung pile spawn and I was there for 2 hours searching the places. It takes a bit to show up, so I recommend killing the trolls around {50,45} till it shows up. It's also very hard to see; it looks like a tiny volcano and doesn't resemble a turd in any way.

If you have monster emotes on, the mob will perform an emote when they "spawn" a pile.


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