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Gork and Mork are twin deities worshipped by the Greenskins. There are distinct differences between Gork and Mork, similar as they may be. Worshipers of Gork and Mork claim that one is mean, the other one meaner, one god will hit you whilst you aren't looking the other will hit you while you are. The god's spheres of influence follow this philosophy: Gork is the god of cunning brutality, while Mork is the god of brutal cunning.

Gork and Mork, more so than any other god in the Warhammer World (including the Chaos gods), are known to frequently intervene with the lives of Greenskins. Gork and Mork are widely believed to aid particular Greenskin followers in battle, in some cases even manifesting themselves physically to step on their enemies!

"Gork be fighty, but cunnin.... an Mork iz cunnin, but fighty!"

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