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Goreclaw Wolves include both the Goreclaw Wolf and Goreclaw Howler (level 25-26 Wolves). Killing these mobs is part of the Kill Quest, Goreclaw Menace. These mobs can be found north-northwest of the Bitter Woods Camp.

    • The Goreclaw Wolves can be found along the road just north of the Dogbite Ridge War Camp, as well as north into the mountains (up to loc 36k,36k).
    • The best location for killing these wolves is northeast of the Public Quest, Shrine of Tzeentch, looking north from loc 35k, 39k. There are a pack of eight wolves here who respawn quickly. At the center is a Level 25 Hero, Igor Brunwolf, and his White Wolf companion Gorehunter, a Level 25 Champion. They do not roam much and are not hard to avoid. FYI, a tome unlock is nearby.

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