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Gorbad Ironclaw was the most revered and famous Orc Warlord in history. He started as the Warboss of the Ironclaw tribe, but swiftly defeated the Warboss of the Broken Tooth tribe, inadvertedly joining the two together. The joint power of the two tribes meant they conquered dozens of smaller tribes. Gorbad owes its success in the fight thanks to the alliance with skaven.

Gorbad's Waaagh! was starting to grow. Gorbad started by ransacking the Moot, devestating the lands and decimating the (probably rather haphazard) resistance offered against him. His Waaagh! next took took him through the province of Solland. His armies pillaged the land and all its towns and cities until finally he defeated the state army of the Elector Count himself, personally killing the Count and taking possession his Runefang and crown, the battle thereafter being known as the Battle for Solland's Crown.

Rampaging through the Empire Gorbad's Waaagh! halted at the gates of Altdorf. Gorbad attempted to used his Rock Lobbas to destroy the walls, but the cannons manning the walls swiftly destroyed them. In desperation, Gorbad resorted to his secret weapon: half-a-dozen Wyverns. The Wyverns started terrorizing the city, one of which burst into the court of the Emperor Sigismund who, in leading a battalion of archers against the creature, was consumed in a swift and gory fashion. Unfortunately for Gorbad, none of them attacked the gate, and all were eventually killed, leaving the Orc waaagh! outside Altdorf and with no way to get in. Greenskin armies are not known for their patience and as they were forced to settle in for a protracted seige&nbsp Gorbad's Waaagh! crumbled away, eventually leaving Gorbad with just his Ironclaws and Broken Tooth warriors. Forced to lift the seige on his journey back to the Badlands, he was ambushed by a group of dwarfs from Karaz-a-Karak. Gorbad had defiled many sacred tombs of the dwarfs while building his army and the dwarfs had not forgotten this grudge. No-one knows of his fate but it is said that as night closed in he fought alone atop a pile of his slaughtered enemies, and that was the last anybody saw of him. It is whispered among the greenskins that he survived this encounter, and that he will return to launch another Waaagh!

With typical Orc stupidity, Gorbad discarded the Solland Runefang after his shamans had tampered with it innumerable times, with no success. The Runefang was found in a river by a peasant, and immediately returned to the Emperor, where it was gifted to the Reiksmarshal, Kurt Helborg .

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