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Goradian the Creator

Goradian the Creator

Rank 20 Hero Mob
Type Humanoids
Subtype Humans
Zone Altdorf
Subzone Altdorf Sewers (3)

PC Reactions

Order Hostile

Goradian the Creator is wing boss of middle Altdorf sewers. He is a rank 20 hero and drops body pieces of Keeper's Armor. There is a History and lore unlock in Altdorf; Goradian's Fall.


  • Auto attack ~450 damage
  • Way of Goradian -A hex that deals 44 damage every 2 seconds
  • Vision of Goradian ~870 damage


Goradian will spawn 5+ adds in three waves in fight; nurggles, maggots and spiders. Each add is level 20 normal mob. Each mob will attack, dealing around 160 damage per attack. Before Goradian summons adds, he moves to another corner of room. Keep damaging him while he moves, as he will reset to full healt otherwise.

Have either engineer or bw aoe adds or use thorn ointments.

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