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Gora Lightmane

Gora Lightmane

Rank 23 Quest Giver
Realm Order
Species Dwarf
Gender Female
Zone The Badlands
Subzone Spitbore
Coordinates 11400, 23700

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You don't survive as an Oathbearer unless you're made of the strongest stock. Let's see how you fare.

- Gora Lightmane

Gora Lightmane is a Dwarf Hammerer that can be found in the region known as Spitbore, along the road heading north through the Badlands. Possessing a drive to succeed that rivals that of any Dwarf, male or female, Lightmane pushed on shortly after the Oathbearer camp was established at Norrikson's Excavation. She now waits to direct her comrades in arms further along the road to their next destination.

Quests Edit

No time to tarry about, {career}. We have to keep on pushing on if we expect to fulfill our oaths to reclaim Karak Eight Peaks.

- Gora Lightmane

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