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Goldfist's Hole is the largest sinkhole in Ekrund.

The aggressive mining of the Greenskins has affected the integrity of the land around Ekrund. Fetid pools of toxic stinking water scatter the area, showing where mine works have collapsed. The remains of Dwarf fortifications lie at the dark depths of a few these sinkholes, along with hidden caches of gold, gems and precious metals.

The pavilion of the wealthy Dwarf General Farlok Goldfist was swallowed up by one of these sinkholes. The General and his men plunged into the gaping pit taking with them hundreds of chests filled to the brim with rare gems and gold from all corners of the Old World. Hoping to drain the pit of water, the ambitious Dwarfs have set up pumping machines around the sinkhole's rim. This fixation has made them vulnerable; the desire to reclaim the lost gold from Goldfist's Hole has pulled many an eager Dwarf away from the battle with the Orcs.

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