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Golden History II

Order Travel Quest
Zone Chrace
Start Histories of Aenarion
End Thaesoryn Shadowseer
Previous Golden History I


Golden History II map
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A raging yell from behind you pulls your attention from the pages of the Histories of Aenarion. Be on your guard, for you are being attacked!

Golden History II is a Tier 1 Order Quest that begins in the Asarbel Highlands, in southern Chrace.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

Completion Text Edit

"The Histories of Aenarion! What a magnificent work! It was written by Aenarion himself, and records the beginning of our Golden Age; the first and only tome in our history that our numbers grew! It was a time of peace and bliss. Those years seem lost to our people now."

- Thaesoryn Shadowseer

Rewards Edit

  • 2450 XP
  • 10 Silver Coin 53 Brass Coin

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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