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gold wizards are great practitioners of alchemy, mixing strange concoctionsin the course of their studiesinto the nature of of the elements of which they study.they are also good at making magical devices from precious metals.a gold wizard's alchemical skills make them very rich individuals and exibit their wealth in the form of ostentatious robes and ornementation, wth wealth comes status so gold wizards enjoy prestige and respect, traits rare among wizards of the empire (most wizards are viewed with suspition or fear and sometimes both).gold wizards are employed as court wizards to princes and kings and consultents of rare or precious metals.

gold wizards study chamon,the lore of metal,within their college gold wizards practise the art of alchemy, of analytic scienceand seek to observe the unnatural effect of magic upon the natural order of the physical world. they believe that through .chamon has a phisical effect effect on gold wizards turning their skin to gold plate.

The buildings of the Golden Order are neither rich nor ostentatious, but are more akin to great forges with many furnaces and tall chimneys that belch glowing, multi-colored smoke into the air. This College lies not near the center of the city (much to the relief of the citizens of Altdorf) but upon its edge by the River Reik. The river cools the forges and it is a common sight to see the waters running with fantastical colors in the wake of some mysterious experiment. The Golden College is not hidden from view like some magical colleges, but few dare approach it for fear of the evil vapors and crackling magical energies that surround it.

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