Glyph-covered Map Piece

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Bitter Rivals Map 002
Glyph-covered Map Piece
This torn and tattered map appears to be all but worthless without the missing pieces. (2 of 3)

The Glyph-covered Map Piece is an uncommon item drop that can be obtained from various mobs unique to Bitter Rivals. It is exclusive to the Event, and assumed to be linked to the future release of Call to Arms.

Source Edit

The Glyph-covered Map Piece can drop from various mobs within the Open RvR areas within the game.

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Use Edit

When a character possess all three pieces of map, the Sand-stained Map Piece, the Glyph-covered Map Piece, and the Bloodstained Map Piece, any of the three can be right-clicked in order to combine them into the Lost Map Of The Southern Sands.

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