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Glyphs are items gained by completing Public Quests in the Land of the Dead, and are tracked in your Tome of Knowledge. These glyphs provide access to the various lairs found around the Necropolis of Zandri when obtained in different combinations. These glyphs are not kept permanently once obtained; if you enter a lair that a glyph combination grants access to and defeat the boss located inside, you will lose that glyph combination and be required to obtain it again in order to venture inside once more.

Glyphs Edit

The following tables shows the different glyphs you can obtain, as well as the Public Quests that provide them.

Glyph Public Quest
Ankhra Glyph


  • Forbidden Vaults Public Quest
  • Tombs of the Bitter Wind Public Quest
Horse Glyph


  • Amsu’s Charge Public Quest
  • Assault of Nekh Akhet Public Quest
Reed Glyph


  • Nikosi Temple Public Quest
  • Sedjhet Temple Public Quest
Riverbarge Glyph


  • Quay of Seftu Public Quest
Scarab Glyph


  • Pit of Asaph Public Quest
  • Pit of Kem Senef Public Quest
Scorpion Glyph


  • Ricci’s Raiders Public Quest

Please note: This PQ roams and has a respawn time, so the location is not exact.

Scroll Glyph


  • Obelisk of Judgement Public Quest
  • Quarry of Bone Public Quest
Skull Glyph


  • Temple of Ualatp Public Quest
Vase Glyph


  • Hall of the Heavens Public Quest
  • Library of Zandri Public Quest
Vulture Glyph


  • Aerie of Death Public Quest
  • The Carrion Nest Public Quest

Lairs Edit

The following is a list of lairs in the Necropolis of Zandri, and the glyphs required to enter them.

  • Tomb of the Moon – Scarab Glyph and Vase Glyph
  • Tomb of the Sky – Scroll Glyph, Ankhra Glyph, and Scorpion Glyph
  • Tomb of the Stars – Reed Glyph, Vulture Glyph, and Horse Glyph
  • Tomb of the Sun – Riverbarge Glyph and Skull Glyph

External Links Edit

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