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Glomp the Squig Masta

Glomp the Squig Masta

Rank 27 Hero Mob
Type Greenskins
Subtype Goblin
Species Night goblin
Zone Mount Gunbad

PC Reactions

Order hostile
Destruction hostile

Glomp the Squig Masta is the wing boss of left wing of Mount Gunbad. He drops Redeye boots.


Once the players enter into instance, there are several groups of rank 27 squiglings and Glomp at the platform middle of the room. The squiglings should be cleared first, they will come in packs of 8. Squiglings have attack hitting for ~150 and special attack Chomp that hits for ~220. The fight with Glomp is tank'n'spank until he is at 79 % of hp. Glomp will teleport out of reach of players and cannot be damaged. He will however continue to shoot arrows at players. 3 rank 25 champion squigs are spawned (attacking for ~360) and when they are killed Glomp will teleport back to middle of the room. Glomp will repeat the teleport at 59 % hp and 39 % hp. Players should watch out for green pools at the ground ('Acidic Muck') which will hit for ~560. At 19 % of hp Glomp will don squig armor and begin series of hard hitting aoes.


  • Attac ~580-780
  • Acidic Muck, a green pool on the ground ~560 every 2 seconds
  • Smash 'Em 'Ard, aoe ~1700
  • Da Big Arrer, every 5 seconds ~1700



  • 1 rare dye
  • 1 pair of Redeye boots
  • 1 rare repairable item (Battle-scared xxx which repairs into Stoneminer item)

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