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Gilles Le Breton is the legendary founder and hero of Bretonnia. At the time Bretonnia was split into several smaller warring dukedoms, that were constantly fighting the primitive Orcs and other Greenskins as well as each other. Born to the Duke of Bastonne, Gilles grew up to be both a powerful warrior and a cunning politician, both of these skills he would need as he set out to unite the Bretonni against their common enemies.

In the year of 977 IC a massive army of orcs decended from the Grey Mountains to pillage the area that would become Bretonnia and sweep the Human dukedoms into the sea. By aiding his fellow dukes Gilles soon managed to gather a powerful army. As they prepared to meet the Orcs in a battle near the forest of Châlons, they doubted that they would be able to defeat the Greenskin force that hugely outnumbered them. On the eve before the battle Gilles and his two neighbouring dukes camped near a small lake, where they was met by something that stunned them all. From the waters a mystical female being appeared with a chalice in her hands, she told them that she was the legendary Lady of the Lake, and she was here to bless them before what the three dukes presumed to be their last stand. Offering them to drink from the chalice she named the Holy Grail, Gilles first took the Grail and drank from its enchanted waters, thus becoming the first of the Grail Knights.

The following morning the three dukes, now enhanced by the waters of the Grail they all three had drunk, they led their army in battle with the huge Orc army, and they drove the Greenskins before them, slaying most of the foul creatures. Following this heroic victory, Gilles fought eleven more battles against the Greenskins, the Beastmen, and the Northmen raiding the shores and coastal cities of Bretonnia. With each battle Gilles won more dukes to his side, and The Lady appeared to all of them, offering them to drink of her sacred chalice.

Alas, the hero was not to live on, 17 years of prosperity followed his coronation as the King of Bretonnia, but during a battle with a powerful Orc warlord of the Grey Mountains, a black-feathered arrow hit him, fired from an unknown hand. As his life slowly ebbed out he asked his companions to carry him to a nearby lake. As they arrived they found a un-crewed boat prepared for a funeral, his companions placed him on the boat, as he stammered his last words:

"In the time of Bretonnias greatest need, when it seems that all hope is gone, I shall return to aid you."

As his followers left him on the boat, it immediately started sailing, until it disappeared into the mists. Thus he became a "King In The Mountain".[Wikipedia]

Following his death, Gilles son and the other dukes gathered to discuss what should be done. While all opposed splitting up into the dukedoms and continuing fighting each other and Greenskins, they was unable to elect a leader. While many supported Gilles son Louis as the new king, the majority wanted to ensure that the new king of Bretonnia should be a Grail Knight. This led Louis to declare that he would leave Bastonne and not return before he had drunk from the Grail and had proven himself worthy of the throne, thus becoming the first of the Questing Knights, and earning the nickname Louis the Rash.

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