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Giant Spider
Giant spider ss
Creature Info
Type Animals
Sub-Type Insects & Arachnids
Variants: Unknown
Level range: Unknown

The southern forests of the Old World are full of all kinds of spiders, some of which grow to a massive size and are known as Giant Spiders. Their bodies are generally black or reddish-brown, sometimes with other, more brightly coloured markings, and their long hairy legs can clamber over the roughest terrain. Giant Spiders are deadly adversaries, with mandibles like steel pincers which can deliver a poisonous bite.

Forest Goblin tribes capture Giant Spiders when they are young and small, and raise them to be ridden as mounts.

Tome Unlocks Edit

Task Rewards Order Text Destruction Text
Encounter a Giant Spider XP: 84 N/A
Kill 25 Giant Spiders XP: 204 N/A
Tacky Decor Title: The Spider Slayer, XP: 336 Barak Varr: Explore Monster Habitat Troll Country: Explore Monster Habitat
Kill 100 Giant Spiders XP:500 N/A
Fast Finds Beastial Tactic Fragment, XP: 806 Chrace: Complete a Specific Task Nordland: Complete a Specific Task
Kill 1,000 Giant Spiders Bestial Token, XP: 1050 N/A
Big Identity Crisis Beastial Tactic Fragment, XP: 1436 Thunder Mountain: Vanquish a Champion Monster
Kill 10,000 Giant Spiders Title: Scourge of the Arachnids, XP: 1716 N/A
Sacking for Sacs Crow Caller Chain, XP: 1800 Chaos Wastes: Gather Spefic Items and Deliver them to Someone in Need. Thunder Mountain: Gather a Specific Item
Kill 100,000 Giant Spiders  ??? N/A

Tome Text Edit

There are hundreds of different species of arachnid in the world, and their appearance varies wildly based upon their surroundings and their proximity to the warping influence of Chaos.

The Giant Spider is a massive example of its breed, and the toxicity of its venom is certainly apace with its large size. As the beasts grow larger, they need to bring down proportionately larger prey to keep themselves fed.

"Herbord? There seems to be a large spider nesting in our garden. Could you take a large frying pan and shoo it away please?"

-Silke Fetterngord

"Silke! The bloody thing's the size of a goat! Arrggh! I can't see! It sprayed me with something and I can't see! Silke, get help!

-Last words of Herbord Fetterngord

Named Giant SpidersEdit


Butchering Giant Spiders results in the following types of apothecary ingredients:

  • Chitin Shard (Armor)
  • Ichor (Heal)
  • Arachnid Venom (Toughness)
  • Zoic Gore (Stabilizer)
  • Animal Humor (Restoration)

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