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Gholnaros SS


Rank 40 Hero Mob
Type Monsters
Subtype Dragonoids
Species Dragon
Zone Dragonwake
Subzone Cey Caladai

PC Reactions

Order Hostile
Destruction Hostile

Gholnaros is a Rank 40 Dragon Hero found in the Lair of Gholnaros the Deathless in Cey Caladai in Dragonwake.

Known AbilitiesEdit

  • Attack: ~1200.
  • Armor Penetration: ~50%.
  • Black Fireball: 1162 corporeal damage.
  • Black Fireball (AoE): ~1400 corporeal damage.
  • Gaping Maw: ~2700 damage.
  • Black Dragon Breath: Hits about 4 times over 3 seconds for ~300 corporeal damage each.

Confirmed DropsEdit

Drops 1-3 Rank 36 rare BOP weapon pieces.

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