Getting Off the Ground I

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Getting Off the Ground I

Order PvE Quest
Zone Any
Start Lost Map Of The Southern Sands
End Commander Zefrun Axewing
Next Getting Off the Ground II


Getting Off the Ground I map
(click to enlarge)

The map is faded, but the contours of land and water are still visible, as is a strange symbol in the lower right hand corner. The shapes of some of the landmasses look familiar, but none of the names are intelligible. A navigation expert might be able to tell you more.

- Lost Map Of The Southern Sands, Upon Examination

Getting Off the Ground I is an Order Quest that is unique to Bitter Rivals, and begins when a character examines the Lost Map Of The Southern Sands. It is assumed to be linked to the future release of Call to Arms.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

Completion Text Edit

"What's this, a map? Let me take a look at it."

- Commander Zefrun Axewing

Rewards Edit

The Experience point reward varies by Tier of the character completing the Quest.

  • 129 XP (Tier 1), 158 XP (Tier 2), 249 XP (Tier 3), 361 XP (Tier 4)
  • 1 Gold Coin 52 Silver Coin

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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