Gettin' Underfoot

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Gettin' Underfoot

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Snouts
End Snouts


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Oi! Don't tell no one, but I's da one wot let dem Squigs out. They was eatin' all da Snotlings and Chasin' da Gobbos

But now they's makin Ugrog mad an' Ugrog bein' mad means dem stunties ain't comin' out of dat mountain

If Skazarg finds out i let da Squigs out, you know wot dat means. Snouts'll be in da cook pot tonight!

Particulars Edit

  • Travel south of Snouts' Pens to the broken bridge and help get rid of the Squigs that are annoying the Giant, Ugrog.
  • Return to Snouts at Snouts' Pen when done.

Requirements Edit

  • Annoying Squigs 0 of 3

Rewards Edit

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