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As of 08/01/2011 this is not achievable by Order players.


There is a Slop Bucket in the hut behind Lvl 14 Champion Ranklot in Mount Bloodhorn at 15k, 37k. Right click on it to receive the tome unlock.


The term 'slop' has at least sixteen different meaning, but the greenskins only have need of four:

1.) A quantity of liquid carelessly spilled or splashes about.

2.) Badly cooked or unappetizing food or drink.

3.) Kitchen refuse; swill.

4.) Liquid mud.

After so many years of fighting the Dwarfs, it is only natural that the greenskins begin to pick up on some of their practices. Hence the slops: a place where any greenskin down on his pile can come to throw back a gulp of viscous, fermented refuse until the world spins before his eyes.

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