Get Thee Behind Me!

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AoE Debuff
Learned on Rank 1
Core Ability
Usable by Witch Hunter
No cost
30 ft
30 sec.

Action Name: Get Thee Behind Me!

Description: De-taunts enemies causing them to hate you less within a 30 ft area around the Witch Hunter causing all opposing players to do 50% damage for 15 seconds.

There is some ambiguity in this ability's tooltip regarding what happens when you hit one of the detaunted enemies. Simply, if you have detaunted three enemies and then proceed to hit one of them, the following occurs: the enemy you have hit will now be able to hit you for the full value of its attack (unmitigated by the detaunt). The other enemies will remain detaunted and will still have their attack mitigated by 50%.

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