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Bestiary unlock for Harpy

Order & DestructionEdit

Find and kill a Bloodtalon Harpy (level 9 Harpy) in Chrace near the ruined tower at 44k, 23k (on the north shore of the lake).



  • Killing a Bloodtalon Harpy in other locations (e.g. south of the lake) did not award credit. Killed with a level 15 character and got credit. -- Corvidaer, 27 November 2008.

DESTRO: HIGHLY recommend that you do this before Rank 12 as it is almost impossible for Destro players to get to this location without going straight through the RvR area, and then chicken status must be waited out before killing the mob.

-- [edit] There is a way for Destro to get to the location without tripping through either rvr spot, but it takes a fair bit of running or riding. Take the zone exit from Chrace that's SW of where you get The Forester title (Groves & Grace tome unlock), then go through the Shadowlands to the zone exit on the NE corner of the map. This puts you at the southern end of Chrace. Follow the path until you reach the High Elf chapter 4 (Cliffs of Ushuru). Take the right-side bridge and hug the lake until you see a waterfall {57k,26}. Jump over the rocks and go collect your unlock, without having to spend time as a chicken. -Hasturr 12/2010

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