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Goblin shaman concept art

Gazbag is a Goblin Shaman.


Concept art of Grumlok and Gazbag.

Gazbag is a Goblin Shaman, and is joint leader of the Bloody Sun Boyz with the Orc Warboss Grumlok. He carries an amulet given to him by Malekith, within which the witch king had infused a spell of command that would compel Gazbag and Grumlok to gather their tribe and march east into the World's Edge Mountains; in addition, it greatly amplifies the wearer's abilities. He and Grumlok are said to be inseparable.

A miniature of both Gazbag and Grumlok are included in the Collector's Edition of the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning game.

WAR Army Leaders (Kings)
Icon Empire Karl FranzIcon Dwarves Thorgrim GrudgebearerIcon High Elves Finubar the Seafarer
Icon Chaos Tchar'zanekIcon Greenskins Grumlok and GazbagIcon Dark Elves Malekith

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