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Gates of Ekrund Map

The map of The Gates of Ekrund scenario.

The Gates of Ekrund was originally a tier 1 domination scenario set in a Dwarven fortification between Ekrund and Mount Bloodhorn.

It currently allows 6 players on each team, although previously it was 12.

Destruction characters must attack the Gates defended by the forces of Order. There are three objective areas in the scenario to control.


Gates of Ekrund ss

A screenshot of The Gates of Ekrund.

Capture the Gate Switch, Supply Room, and the Ammunitions Cache located on the upper floors of the gate. Most important, kill all enemies you find!


This scenario benefits greatly from using LoS. The center Flag can be seen from both, the platforms above it and the lower access, while both of those are out of range from the opposing side.

This forces the attacker to cross an open ground, or stay under constant fire while trying to capture the center flag.

Since most teams opt for leaving their healers on the upper access, near the outer flag, using another entrance to the building can allow you to hit an unguarded backline quite often. This is a risky approach, if you don't win the resulting fight their captured flag will continue to generate pints for them way faster then you can get points for kills.

Out of obvious reasons, if your team has many ranged characters, make sure, that you do keep at least one eye out for enemies approaching from behind.

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